Nicaragua 2009

Missions Project

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There are really three types of 'who' for this project:

The individual team members

We thank you for your generosity.

Margaret Antoine  -  Shawn Beaumont  -  Curtis Blais  -  Laureen Blais  -  Rosemary Boyle  -  Mike Conrad 

Steve Conrad  -  Cathy Cosgrove  -  Sandy Davidson  -  Mary Hancock  -  Gail Heideman  -  Shirley Keller 

Yolanda Lopez  -  Danielle Nicol  -  Pastor Joe Nyenhuis  -  Liz Sliwa  -  Heidi Taylor  -  Weldon Taylor


The local church


The name of the church is Verbo, which translated from Spanish means “Word”.  The church is lead by Pastor Ed Jeantschke and his wife Ligia and their three children Joshua, Esther, Andrew.  Samaritans Purse mission’s teams work with Pastor Ed to help meet the needs of the individuals in Bluefields and surrounding communities.



The people of Nicaragua

Although Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful places in Central America, it is also one of the poorest.  Nicaragua's economy has historically been based on the export of cash crops such as bananas, coffee and tobacco. Nicaragua's rum is renowned as among the best in Latin America, and its tobacco and beef are well regarded. During the Contra War in the early 1980's, much of the country's infrastructure was damaged or destroyed, and inflation ran for a time at several thousand percent. Since the end of the war almost two decades ago, many state-owned industries have been privatized. Inflation has been brought to manageable levels, and the economy has grown quite rapidly in recent years.

As in many other developing countries, a large segment of the economically poor in Nicaragua are women. In addition, a relatively high percentage of Nicaragua's average homes have a woman as head of household: 39% of urban homes and 28% of the rural ones.

The country is still a recovering economy and it continues to implement further reforms, on which aid from the IMF is conditional. In 2005, finance ministers of the leading eight industrialized nations (G-8) agreed to forgive Nicaragua's foreign debt, as part of the HIPC program.